After a hard day of Playgroup, Thomas the Tank Engine, playing in the snow
and keeping up with Matilyn, I like to kick back and relax.

Quite possibly the best smile EVER!!!

Mr. Brandon stopped by to read to me.
What a long story..

Dina like the dimes MeeMah gives me.

Taking the lead!

Do I like apples?

I'll let you figure it out...

Mati is decorating the cupcake.

And now it's my turn!

Don't like the feel of these beads.

The final product for
Mommie's birthday.

First trip to the Grand Rapids Childrens' Museum.
DahDee used to work here a long time ago.

Brush teeth?

Heading Up The Stairs.

Bob the Builder's equipment!

Just playing around.

Pushing along Lofty.

"EVERY child loves the glass elevator" says DahDee...

He looks so little against those windows.

Muck to the Rescue!

This IS the kitchen sink.

But there is no water, and I need
to wash my hands...

Just not quite tall enough.
Please note it does not deter him though!

Lara & Brian (godparents) having fun too!

Have to climb up, to go down.

Hmmm. No one is watching...

Ready, Set, Go!

Shoes doing double-duty as brakes.

"Mommy, just what ARE these things?"

Yeah, it looks like he's going for both of 'em.

Still no water. I wonder if hand-sanitizer is available?

Still playing around.
They're funny.

"John-John make bubbles too"?

It's flying away!!!

So real looking and to the touch.
Dahdee didn't let me bite them for some reason.

Hmm, not quite the Volkswagen engineering I was expecting...

It was 10 years ago that DahDee started working here.