Need more books to read!!!!

OK, I suppose this will do...

"The Little Engine That Could"

Thanks to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Prepped for my outdoor excursion.

What a smile...
Amazing the snow doesn't melt just from it alone...

Leading the way for Dahdee.

Checking out the water levels of the stream
down the street.

The Stream.

Closer inspection reveals little new analysis.
Will have to wait til Spring.

Making sure Dahdee holds my hand so he doesn't wander off...

"More walk?"

When all else fails,
my buddy Jäger will walk with me.

So Big!

Momma & her boys out and about.

Enough with the high snow.
When does this melt?

This is quite the Big Ball.

It sure is easier to move this here
than outside in the snow...

On the move again!

A boy, a ball and a rolling skid.
Nothing happening here.

The John Deere tractor never far away!

Practicing a Goalie stance...

Katie is going to cover my duties with the Big Ball

Going for the lowball.

Katie's Dahdee is a funny guy!

Chasing that Big Ball again!

So, the power company shows up to fix stuff with

And a man in a bucket.

.High in the sky!

Little Man is fascinated.

.And who can blame him?

So intently watching.

I think this is the better viewing angle, Mr. Wes.

But you have to be able to LEAN...

Not feeling quite up to par...

Even high-energy boys can get sick.

And when they do, it's a change.

Those rosy cheeks & look of exhaustion show just how out of sorts this little boy was!