Our Family Trip to Mackinac Island
September 21-23, 2007

New Place.
New Screendoor to Stress-Test.

Walking down to the beach with Daddy.

Big rock makes a Big Splash!!

I think Momma likes to throw rocks as much as I do!!!

But this one is a keeper.

Daddy pulling me along.
My godmother Lara riding alongside us.

Quick break on the bike ride around the island.

That's the Mackinac Bridge behind us...

Quite windy on this side of the island.

This one's just for Grampa Don.

Baby on a cannon!

Seagull hunting, who would stop me?

Sunday Morning visit.

Patiently waiting for them to open.

That water reminds me of the stream back home...

I see alot of green stuff.
Where are these FlutterBys?

Pretty flowers.

I see Daddy with the camera again.

So I REALLY cannot touch them?
I am outta here...

Momma helps to get a better view.

Really wanting to see the other side of the exhibit.

Momma and boy waiting for the ferry.

So the return ride to the mainland ends the vacation?

Back at Home...

The Boy loves his water.

No, I am still listening to your interesting story...

Gulp, gulp.
Drink some water.