Early morning ritual...
Watching "The Wiggles"
Even on a Saturday morning.

Testing out the waters on Missaukee Lake.

Warmin up on a sunny morning with Momma.

Ah, "The Warmth of the Sun".
Thank you Brian Wilson & Mike Love...

Contemplating the Big Picture.

OK, enough with the thoughtfulness, this boy has to roll with it!

Easy does it, sand is not very stable.

Piece of STUFF!!!
(for my Uncle Brian)

Son of a Science Teacher,
must take apart and investigate.

Son of an eco-freak liberal,
must save and conserve nature.

Hangin' out at the Beach!

Making the Cupcakes!!!

Matti starts in!

And John-John follows her lead.

Shovelling in the sweets...

Making a full mess...

Riding along at Matilyn's birthday party. Ms Di is looking out for me.

Sorry Daddy, but this is MY version of "screen shots"!!

You see, I made a funny!