Tearing apart Mommy's purse.
What are these things?

Pat The Doggie.

Helping Daddy with lawnwork!

This isn't that hard a push.

So how much IS my allowance?

Visiting Gramma & Grampa Meinecke's house.

This is the best race track around here.

Grampa's Big Boots.

You see Great Gramma, looks like you've got a corrputed TCP/IP stack
and that's why your internet connection is failing...

Hey, another tractor?

Grampa, this is too loud!

Baby on a Tractor!

Jäger is still sticking close, he's my "protector dog."

More Tractor?

Hmmm. Wonder what's around that corner...

If I don't see the food, it must be all gone, right?

Taking the wagon out for a stroll.

So I think I like this for a Senior Picture pose.

Monkey for Halloween 2007 party at playgroup.

Having fun playing around the gym.

Aunt Carrie & me again.
Last years' photo here.

Mommy carrying me around for a bit.
Even little monkeys get tired out.

What a cute monkey boy!!

Yes, that IS a banana in my pocket.

Chili-Dawg Challenge in Downtown Ionia.
Walking like a monkey...

Standard Milewski Halloween picture
on the porch swing.

Visiting my buddy Evan on Halloween.