He Who Holds the Remote Holds the Power!

Will, Katie & Evan Hangin' at Uncle John's Orchard

John-John joins in too!

HUGE Pumpkins...

Mommy, what are you doing?


All Done...

Walking onto another attraction...

Almost looks like I am lugging this pumpkin around, doesn't it?

Practicing my climbing skills.

Hmmf. How did this happen.

I don't think that's the way off of this.

So, anyone going to help me outta here?

I see Mommy!

Hauling around the BIG wagon!

What is this?

Still not sure what to do, what to do...


I wonder if this is how Grampa's handles?

Puttering along.

Speeing up around the track.

Playing with Will in the wooden car.

Driving the wooden car.

So, what's like following speedsters like us?!?!


Oh, my buddy, Yellow School Bus.
My day is compete.

Free Spirit!

Barkeep, serve me a juice!

Wait, THIS is how clothes used to be washed?

Giddy Up and Go!

Are you SURE this is what was used?

I just can't wrap my brain around
this being a wash machine...

Oh, the fun of a front porch...

Open the door...

...to a smiling Boy!

Trainride with the Mommies...


Mommy, what's over there?