Out for a walk at the Ionia Fairgrounds.

Cruising along, all bundled up!!

Slowing down to give Dad a smile picture.

Now, catch me smiling on the go!!!

Taking a shortcut across the grass.

Starting to play with the Sit-N-Spin again.


Full body shot on the Sit-N-Spin.

Having a blast making my artwork.

Saturday morning search for Cheerios.

And Saturday morning ritual of
"Read Book"

Thanksgiving with Daddy's side of the family.

Bob The Builder!

Hmmmm. A glass TV stand!!!
How intruiging...

My buddy Reece!

More hanging with Reece.

Aunt Carrie helping me play piano.

Great-Uncle Jeff playing with Ava & me!!!

Spending some quality time with Great Gramma.

She's GREAT at reading to me,
and you know how much I like reading books!

After Thanksgiving Break, hanging with Matti again.

Gosh, don't ya think we're cute?!?