I MUST tell Dad what this book says...
I wonder if I should just txt message him on my Treo?

My tractor, my train. Now where is my school bus?


Old friend.

Sharing my push-along with Tyler.

Cruising along...

Taking the lead!

But mine is a tractor, I am supposed to be on the grass.

Just posing.

Hanging around on the front porch.

Taking little steps, for now...

"Come Lord Jesus, be our guest..."

I need to be on the beach!

I can open the door and get out now.

Making a statement about the weather!

Granny Milewski looking out for me.

Making a move out to the back deck.

"Dum ditty, Dum ditty, Dum dum dum"

Playing at the Sand Table with Katie.

Umbrella should block the sun for Katie.

How did THIS get in here?

But I thought the sand stayed INSIDE!?!?

Look away! Dad has the camera again!

Yeah, don't let him see us both smiling.

Chocolate Truck or School Bus??

Checking the tires on the School Bus...

Checking the suspension on the Hershey's Truck...

It's t-shirt weather for baby boys.

Showing my buddy Evan my set of wheels.

Crusing along back to my house.

Leaning into the turn!

Making an attempt at opening the front door.