Mattie & Me sitting watching TV.

It wasn't scary, but I let Mattie hold my hand.

So, can the Busy-Ball Popper make Pig fly???

All of Momma's Boys.


School Bus is still holding up well.

Natural lighting is tricky for pictures.

Daddy is still working on that lighting...

Momma walking me after greeting the Ionia Runners when they returned from the U.P.

So the yogurt ISN'T supposed to double as a moisturizer?

"No School Bus Left Behind"

On the ground with the new cars.

At John Ball Zoo with Momma & Uncle Brian.

Amazed by the flamingos & ducks.

Those are what you used to fish for?


A window obviously designed for someone my height.

Another big aquarium.

So this is the fabled "Monkey Island"?

Intently studying the monkeys.

Big Bear, Big Bear!

Grampa Milewski & Daddy had a cool picture
before leaving John Ball Zoo.

Now Daddy & I get ours too.

Making a go for the lawn sprinkler.

Wonder if Jäger will notice how wet I am?

Oh yeah, should have known he'd see me.

Momma said she needed help watering the lawn.

Any reason to stay up later...

Well of course I'd rather be in bed,
but Momma needed the help!

Yum, grass = fiber. Right?

Maybe not then.

Our close-up photo!

New couch, but still reading...