Sitting around on Great-Gramma Weupper's front lawn.
July 4, 2007

Starting to get curious about what Momma & GG are doing.

This NMU thing is out of control with these two.

Gotta make a break for it...

Let's see if we can tweak this dial-up connection.

What if they find my prints ?

Running away from the Ameritech phone box...
Nothing to see here, please go about your business.

Second Cousin Shelby & Great Uncle Jeff letting me
check out the Young's minivan. It look SO familiar...

Kicking back with my H2O.

I am not sharing my water on a hot day like today.

Gulp, gulp.

Drink some water.

Fascinated with the water hose.

Action shot on the deck.

Caught in action at the sandbox.

Musical version, 21st Century style.

My first trip to Frederick Meijer Gardens.

What is the only thing possibly sweeter than John-John?
Yep, 55-gallon barrels of sugar (gotta be sugar beet-based, not sugar cane).


Surveying the landscape.
a la Horatio Caine


Who could he possibly be looking up to?

My new friend Black Beaver.

Definitely not volcanic rock.

Big Rock. Little fella.

Tea Time.

Tea Time continues.

End of Tea Time.

Big Ole' Robin Eggs.

Big Log House.
Little Guy.

Wrapping up the Gardens Trip with the Momma.