OK, so I have the WiiRemote.
Now what do I do?

Wow, that's a lot of letters.

Now let's see if anyone else figures
out how to make this work.

These beads look like they could go anywhere!


Ready for hockey!
Eating my snacks.

And I have my drink too.
What's the delay?

Christmas with the Rices (My Godparents)

Special present from my godparents.

And then I gave them a special one too!

Mr. Potato Head?
This is like the guy in "Toy Story"!!!

Christmas with the Meineckes (My Grandparents)

Christmas at Gramma & Grampa Meinecke's.
Of course there has to be a tractor (TeeTa) to play with!

And to find a second one, this is going to be a GREAT DAY!

Hey! My new sweatsuit matches Grampa's pants!

Chillin' for a bit...

Thank you Aunt Carrie for the best carpet I have ever seen in my Whole Life!!

Gramma Barb gave me Cars tree ornaments!!!

Timeout for a little breakfast.

Luigi is a funny little car.

Smile for the camera!

Uncle Jim realizes that this is how a car with a front end is supposed to look like.

A family full of green sweatpants!

Christmas with the Milewskis

Hangin with my cousin Kara, sippin' on some juice.

Going to help my Aunt Donna with all these bags of presents.

That was a lot of presents. I need a break.

Playing with Reece & his digital camera.

Giving a head-bonk to Cookie Monster.