Mr. Matt helping me out in Matti's sandbox.

Just hangin with Matti.

Back to the BEACH, sort of...

Breaking away & going it alone.

But not without the water.
I'm no dummy, you know!

Out of the sandbox and into the SPRINKLER!!!

COLD water, COLD water! Run away, run away!

Not giving up on this one.

A WHOLE container of Cheerios!
What fun, what a challenge...

Oh, I never thought I'd have eaten TOO MANY Cheerios.

Picking grapes fresh of the vine of the VanLoans' fence.

BUSTED! Sneaking a snack...
I think they'll forgive me, I'll just shoot 'em a smile & win them over!

No One Said ANY John Milewski was a morning person.

So sleepy. Wish people had a "snooze" button sometimes.

Steppin' Out...

Trying to catch those tricky BUBBLES!!

You'd think the more there are,
the likelier I'd be to catch one...

Almost there...

So, a rural district school bus.
This potato creature should fit right in!

I can climb up and slide on down by myself.
Happy Dance!!!

Playing with my cars on the front porch.

So who comes to the rescue when an ambulance crashes a race car?

Picnic Play Date with Matti & Will in Lowell.