This has trouble written all over it.

Baby in a box...

Ah, the power of ReplayTV.
It will change the way you watch television.

A present from my Godparents Brian & Lara Rice.

Hanging with Lara

Brian has me now!

And look how I make him smile!

And Lara too!

They made me smile as well.

Even a grin...

Momma helps me point out
"You should visit my website".

A final picture before Brian & Lara leave for the U.P.

Kickin' back watching "The Wiggles"

I think this is how Superman started!

Dad is right, it doesn't handle like the Subaru.

Playing "Down on the Farm with Grampa", kind of.

He forgot to pour the RedPop into the cup!

Dad said he read this in Dr. West's class @NMU



Whatcha doin' Jäger?

I see, so you say we could make a break for it down that street?

uh-oh, spaghettios!!!

So there's a big button on front.

I wonder what it does.

What do you mean that's the last episode?

"Hands in the air..."

John Deere, green lawn, little boy.

Wind-swept hair makes the girls go ga-ga!

See ya later, Grampa needs help with the lawn.