Aunt Carrie helping me to
"Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it"

On my own now...

Moving that train!!!

Something not-so-tasty...

Coloring inside the lines is highly overrated...

Riding along in my early Birthday Present from Momma & Daddy.

Pushing our favorite toys around outside in the gorgeous weather.

How did he get Mattie to push HIM?

Spaghetti, hotdog, cheese & one HAPPY LITTLE BOY!

Working on the bus, like
my Uncle Larry...

Grampa Don doesn't have creatures like this
in his schoolbus!!!

Momma says reading expands the mind.

I love my momma so much I'll decorate her cake
with Mattie & Ms. Diane's help...

Ms. Diane spoils me!

It's sort of sweet-tasting.

If I gnaw on it, what happens?

Big cookie.
Small mouth

Wow, it's called a cookie?

I guess if Mattie is going to eat it...