Figuring out the rays of sunshine...

That is a BIG TV.

This is what I use to control that Big TV!!!

A winning smile...

Play date with friends!!!

Playing with Jäger
February 16, 2007

Wait, what do you need those scissors for?!?!

I wonder if I can hide under here?

Nope, looks like he found me.

Well I guess if Dad trusts him...

Are you REALLY SURE Dad?

Gonna try that hiding thing again!!!

Woe is me...

Well maybe it isn't so bad afterall...

That IS one handsome haircut.

Crawling around with Grampa Don.

Finding out what Gramma Barb
has in the cupboards.

Letting Grampa know I can crawl up on him!

Working on this new box...

Uh Oh!!!

Wow, she's got pretty eyes.

Thinking hard about how this works!

You see Jäger, this is how you stand on only two feet...