In the Apple Orchard...

After feeding in the Apple Orchard

Godfather Brian, Sam, Daddy John & Jäger walking home

Ready for his Baptism, June 11, 2006

Baptismal Party, Godfather Brian, Godmother Lara, Baby John-John, Pastor Verity, Momma Julie & Daddy John.

Godfather Brian, Godmother Lara, Baby John-John.

Momma's family

Daddy's family

Ionia Crew: Momma Julie, Daddy John, Baby John-John, Ted, Zach, Kim & Will Paton

Texas Crew: Daddy John, Baby John-John, Momma Julie, Jackie DeRocher

Meinecke Four Generations after Baptism:
Momma, Grampa Don, Baby John-John, Great-Gramma Grace

Wuepper Four Generations after Baptism:
Gramma Barb, Great-Gramma Marion, Baby John-John, Momma

The Fellas after Baptism:
Grampa Don, Baby John-John, Daddy

The NMU Parents after Baptism:
Daddy, Momma, Godfather Brian, Baby John-John, Godmother Lara

Already in NMU gear... This boy is bound to go to Northern!!

Go Wildcats!

Snoozin' with Dad, are these guys ever awake?

Aunt Carrie & John-John...

Sitting around in my Baptism outfit given by Charles & Mary VanLoan

Hanging with Gramma Barb!!!

Holding hands in the park